TikTok GIRLS: I wish I was pretty.😞✋💔

4. Stu 2020.
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After the reacting or my reaction to the new tiktok or tik tok trend where the boys and guys do the "Be honest, can I pull you" challenge where they ask you if you would date them- we look at the tiktok girls doing it but it's not the same, it's even harder to watch.l SUB: bit.ly/2bSdjlw

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  • Merch Store: bit.ly/3arCuVb *stop looking at the comments Patricia i see you.*

    Rebal DRebal DPrije 21 dan
    • im wondering Rebel 🤔 what is your girl type ? just wondering hehe 😁

      Rein BRein BPrije dan
    • You caught me 😹

      Sofi’s gacha WorldSofi’s gacha WorldPrije dan
    • Hhhhhhh sorry

      Kawayi YeojaKawayi YeojaPrije 2 dana
    • @NEHA BHATI What? What the f***? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      PallabiPallabiPrije 3 dana
    • Shut upppp 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      PallabiPallabiPrije 3 dana
  • Well his hoodie says “I’m single “ 😂

    Krishnoor KapoorKrishnoor KapoorPrije 12 minuta
  • Me: about to wipe my tooshy from a poop Him: wait look up Me: I

    ImAHope UwUImAHope UwUPrije 14 minuta
  • The cat thats claims his girl is hotter than the hot blonde is taking precautions incase his girl peeps him commenting on the pic.

    Samantha MichniewiczSamantha MichniewiczPrije 18 minuta
  • 0:55 was that an orb..

    XiXi AzXaXiXi AzXaPrije 5 sati
  • 00:00 make a wish ✌✌

    cocky the catcocky the catPrije 5 sati
  • like wtf w t f ;-; bruh i mean THEYRE FRIGGIN SAIYNG tHeyRe "uGlY" wHile theyre literaly so fuking oreety and theyr forma are ao damn- yOu knOw- while other people actualy strugle looking cute, su mutch they forget about everything else..

    Your lovely SymptomsYour lovely SymptomsPrije 7 sati
  • Actual ugly people: am i a joke to you?

    Your lovely SymptomsYour lovely SymptomsPrije 7 sati
  • With ur personality sure u can

    LaJardinLaJardinPrije 8 sati
  • ofcourse

    HoodHood007 -HoodHood007 -Prije 11 sati
  • Are you dumb? Of course you can pull me... But, on the other hand tho, I be looking like a troll. So, if you're into trolls, hmu. ❤️😊

    sarah sunsarah sunPrije 12 sati
  • 3:18 you should speak in that voice more

    BedRiddenAngelBedRiddenAngelPrije 12 sati
  • Yo, the voice he did when he was reading that first comment 😶

    Teodora JovchevskaTeodora JovchevskaPrije 17 sati
  • Rebal D(iversity) Your vids are great but It should be of it.

    raeja amariraeja amariPrije 21 sat
  • 3:45 I’m guessing it’s different when a boy ask “could I pull you” because most guys actually work out for their body and don’t normally get plastic surgery, unlike most girls (let’s be honest here), who wear too much makeup it’s not even their face, had surgery, or lots of money they may or may have not earned themselves (guys too). But some of these girls were naturally beautiful.

    Cynthia MartinezCynthia MartinezPrije 22 sati
  • Why is your skin so nice ?

    OhNoHoeOhNoHoePrije dan
  • lmao those men are salty af

    Natalie RedNatalie RedPrije dan
  • Why aren’t you more famous you’re so funny 😂 love u 💗✨🤌🏻

    Hola Cómo estás?Hola Cómo estás?Prije dan
  • Rebal: why are u scrolling down on the commments. Me:how did u know

    Eden NkurunzizaEden NkurunzizaPrije dan
  • What's the song Patricia?

    Divya KesarDivya KesarPrije dan
  • Bro if i were older you would pull me

    life with mia gonzalezlife with mia gonzalezPrije dan
  • yes u can pull me 👉🏻👈🏻😅

    NatalieNataliePrije dan
  • both A n B

    NatalieNataliePrije dan
  • rebal be honest didnt u like one of the girls

    NatalieNataliePrije dan
  • Omggg, you could pull every girl in this comment section-

    Dominika PosovaDominika PosovaPrije dan
  • Can someone please tell me what's the background music's title.

    Kayla MalingaKayla MalingaPrije dan
  • Dude u r weirdly awesome!!

    XyzXyzPrije dan
  • Lmaooo I laughed so loud when he read “No you’re too confident in yourself” that’s so toxic; the thought of a girl being confident on her own, without you bestowing that worth upon her first?? How dare you be confident? It reminds me of a social experiment I read once: boy compliments girl. Girl says, “I know” - boy takes compliment back and proceeds to put her down instead. I hope that little boy grows out of it and meets great people in his life.

    ExodiaExodiaPrije 2 dana
  • I’ll pull you teehee

    Hasti malekiHasti malekiPrije 2 dana
  • Why are 90% of these girls blonde?

    kookiekookiePrije 2 dana
  • 11:32 how smooth

    CoolspygirlCoolspygirlPrije 2 dana
  • 100% of the boys in the tik tok comments are living in their mothers basement

    Average_gamerAverage_gamerPrije 2 dana
  • He assumed I was looking at the comments- and he was very right lmao

    iilushxii - Robloxiilushxii - RobloxPrije 2 dana
  • The sentence "But the boys... No. But the intellect of the bOYZ. **head spin** " is my favorite sentence ever-

    Moè TokimiyoMoè TokimiyoPrije 2 dana
  • "No ur to confident" Dumbass comments of 2020-2020

    Gacha wolfAsherGacha wolfAsherPrije 2 dana
  • Imposter! Imposter!

    Mr IcyMr IcyPrije 2 dana
  • 2:50 girl is it just me or you be looking a little tan..

    AlexツAlexツPrije 3 dana
  • That's not orange juice. That's respect women juice

    Izzy OlsonIzzy OlsonPrije 3 dana

    DayanariverraaDayanariverraaPrije 3 dana
  • Idek who this is but this video was recommended and HRworld did not let me down 😂 im dying

    DayanariverraaDayanariverraaPrije 3 dana
  • Lol when I was younger i used to think looking at the comments were illegal

    Yasss DoitYasss DoitPrije 3 dana
  • Yaaa

    Nada MoustafaNada MoustafaPrije 3 dana
  • Guys out here being like “girls need to be more confident in their selves” the. There is Sir Pixels and his ‘Followers’ who think other wise.

    Greasy ForkGreasy ForkPrije 3 dana
  • This guy is literally the human version of “i’m not sexist if i make fun of everyone.”

    impeachyimpeachyPrije 3 dana
    • @Random Hum t-that’s not how sexism works,,,, the example is not really-how do i explain this-related? I mean the example you gave states a different circumstance. In your example you talk about one race amongst others, meanwhile your point is addressing both/all sexes. If that makes sense,,,

      impeachyimpeachyPrije 4 sati
    • You can be sexist towards everyone and still be sexist to everyone Just like how you can be racist to your own people and still be racist But still, he is epic from epic games

      Random HumRandom HumPrije 4 sati
  • You guys know he is not into girls? right? hahhahha

    M 21M 21Prije 4 dana
  • Can someone answer me, do Brent Rivera fans watch this guy, they low key have the same vibe

    KateKatePrije 4 dana
  • If there were more guys like you, we wouldn't all be single.

    Bianca GBianca GPrije 4 dana
    • Fax

      JJJJPrije 3 dana
  • Yes you can pull me!!!!!!!!!!

    ANNA TAJANNA TAJPrije 4 dana
  • I don't know how he is single bro what!!!

    ANNA TAJANNA TAJPrije 4 dana
  • But let's talk about you, Rebal. What are you even doing in the single market? I-I don't understand. 🤔 Guys like you being in the market is probably why people like us are in the market as well. 😂 No just kidding. It's because of guys like those in the comments of these tiktoks that many of us are single. Not enough gentlemen around these days. They be scarce or too hurt to to try again.

    Xean LuxcrilleXean LuxcrillePrije 4 dana
  • One of those girls looks like the female version of donald trump as a drag quenn ,BOMBOKLAT

    Jaheim LevanJaheim LevanPrije 4 dana
  • Funny, I was actually looking at the comments!

    Skylight K-PopSkylight K-PopPrije 4 dana
  • what's the bg music used in these tiktoks?

    Greeshma PillaiGreeshma PillaiPrije 4 dana
  • me: **looking through the comments after playing the video** rebal: hey can you not look through the comments? me: 𝔴𝔥𝔞𝔱 𝔦𝔫 𝔱𝔥𝔢-

    lola lolilola loliPrije 4 dana
  • Cocky isn't attractive on any gender

    Antonia Tan.Antonia Tan.Prije 4 dana
  • You kinda look like shawn mendes, also love your videos

    Ronith.DillonRonith.DillonPrije 4 dana
  • Damn rebal abla español 👀👀👀

    Andrea UAndrea UPrije 4 dana
  • Looking good in black 😍

    Abigail McLeanAbigail McLeanPrije 4 dana
  • I'd like to hear you reading them in Spanish as well 🤭🤭

    Captain Nemo Lost in the oceanCaptain Nemo Lost in the oceanPrije 5 dana
  • Image having the girl at 2:50 as ur gf waking up early in the morning b4 u and instead of making u breakfast or sum shi she goes and does her make up which must take hours enough for u itself to wake up and make breakfast for ur self but if u don't make it for her she's gone be like"where is my breakfast? I'm breaking up with u, u can't even take care of me"💀

    Smol MidgetSmol MidgetPrije 5 dana
    • @Tired_bish a inexperienced person, I see💀

      Smol MidgetSmol MidgetPrije 4 dana
    • Did you deadass make a whole scenario and gave her a whole personality based off a few seconds video? Lmao what

      Tired_bishTired_bishPrije 4 dana
  • Rebal D is so aggressive but it's so funny

    Angelina LoverxxxAngelina LoverxxxPrije 5 dana
    • That's sounds wrong

      Angelina LoverxxxAngelina LoverxxxPrije 5 dana
  • U r a copy of Shawn , I think so 😬😬

    prachi kashyapprachi kashyapPrije 5 dana
  • What these guys have is the ... *AUDACITY* They legit think these girls are ASKING THEM like Fr asking them out.

    Angelina MAngelina MPrije 5 dana
    • Im pretty sure they are being sarcastic tbh, idk why these comments are taken so to heart, they're punching up if anything

      chinchilla cooch loverchinchilla cooch loverPrije 2 dana
  • Conclusion: girls are pretty and boys are assholes ⁉️⁉️

    heh.heh.Prije 5 dana
  • I am sorry for scrolling through comments when it is just startin........😅 damn it that felt like I should apologize coz he caught me red handed 😂😂😂 lmao

    Lost HopeLost HopePrije 5 dana
  • This boy makes me smile 💕

    Hiba blueHiba bluePrije 5 dana
  • For people searching for the song at 2:31 it's "Hold me tight by Uygar Duzgun" hrworld.info/home/video/Y6d3dtBqpLCIpNA.html

    himanshu agrawalhimanshu agrawalPrije 5 dana
    • omg thank you so much, I was literally looking for that nonstop. ur an angel x

      BTS has my heartBTS has my heartPrije dan
  • Beautiful sri lankan girls tiktok collection hrworld.info/home/video/p6WHnZFroGx-b9A.html

    tiktok meniatiktok meniaPrije 5 dana
  • My bad @ 0:25

    hello Hernandezhello HernandezPrije 5 dana
  • and then guys say WE are the ones who are "too picky"

    ShwunariShwunariPrije 5 dana
  • I love when he does this "😆👏" Curly hair,nice teeth,cute smile,hella attractive personality,sense of humor,clear skin,oh yeah your voice too..you pulled 1.5 million people rebel🤗😍

    Dinushi DissanayakeDinushi DissanayakePrije 5 dana
  • habent been here in so long and man im realizing how much i missed him. i lub this man so much.

    duckyyeetduckyyeetPrije 5 dana
  • Are you lost baby girl part killed me🤣🤣

    Muan ZualiMuan ZualiPrije 6 dana
  • Right when I was scrolling down he told me to stop- I was at my aunt Patricas house..

    Ivana Nguendo YongsiIvana Nguendo YongsiPrije 6 dana
  • It’s the misogynist boys in the comments for me 🙄🙄🙄

    M G bM G bPrije 6 dana

    Tsukishima シ。Tsukishima シ。Prije 6 dana
  • i'm afraid that one of my comments might end up in his videos 😂

    bubblybubbles bumbubblybubbles bumPrije 6 dana
  • The second girl had so much foundation 😬

    Karin GajdošováKarin GajdošováPrije 6 dana
  • Rebal D and coutreezy are my spirit animals. Yes. I love them both.

    christinisuschristinisusPrije 6 dana
    • Yes

      christinisuschristinisusPrije 4 dana
    • Yes

      MLRMLRPrije 4 dana
  • No you are too confident 😂😂😂

    Quentin ServantesQuentin ServantesPrije 6 dana
  • Hahaha among us sound effect at 9:24🤣

    chanel delevignechanel delevignePrije 6 dana
  • rebal takin his chances XD

    faiza abdul samifaiza abdul samiPrije 6 dana
  • Well im not lesbian but ...

    R a g h a dR a g h a dPrije 6 dana
  • not the bois lmaoo

    nikiraronikiraroPrije 6 dana
  • your videos really cheer me up lol 😂

    alvxrealvxrePrije 7 dana
  • LJDKJHJDKJSHFJKS do you know spanish o que onda?

    Sofia ktmSofia ktmPrije 7 dana
  • 2:50 girl you be lookin like Donald Trump’s daughter with that spray tan

    ABBEYABBEYPrije 7 dana
  • you could easily pull me!🌚 but i couldn’t/ can’t pull you

    KK VibesKK VibesPrije 7 dana
  • Who else low-key didn't know he spoke spanish, also all those girls where beautiful and shouldn't have gotten hate I saw some ugly guys with tons of love and support and the second a pretty girl comes along all the guys have to bring them down. Also I live how rebal talks to us like we r with him and hes our friend!!!! love u rebal!!!❤️🤧💕✨🥀🤗😊🥺💫👍

    aqui musicaqui musicPrije 7 dana
  • Whoa why does his voice sound like Jackson from Gilmore Girls

    Moriyah NurieliMoriyah NurieliPrije 7 dana
  • Hello.

    Shileen Yang楊芷鑏Shileen Yang楊芷鑏Prije 7 dana
  • Tbh males these days are waaaay too confident in a negative way attractive or not 💀 My cousins are like that and its just ahhhhh 🤦‍♀️🙄

    hungry potatohungry potatoPrije 7 dana
    • @hungry potato I meeaaan I'm too insecure for my own good and even when I try to be confident it just doesn't work out lol. I try to be open yeah but I'm definitely not confident

      adrian rainbowadrian rainbowPrije 7 dana
    • @adrian rainbow well from what ive seen (my experience only) girls are mostly insecure or snakes who try to hide their toxic petsonalities... But the boys literary are an open book and i respect them for that exept if its too much 😂

      hungry potatohungry potatoPrije 7 dana
    • It goes both ways though

      adrian rainbowadrian rainbowPrije 7 dana
  • Can’t believe I saw rebal simping 11:25

    R SR SPrije 7 dana
  • Omg your hair looks sooo fine

    aleena asadaleena asadPrije 7 dana
  • Stop with the mic thing Please

    aleena asadaleena asadPrije 7 dana
  • What is wrong with guys?!?

    Grace SaharaGrace SaharaPrije 7 dana
  • You literally scolded me while I was looking at the comments 😂 Yes, you can pull us all!

    Chill OutChill OutPrije 7 dana
  • I think you should do 'WHAT A FOX' hoodie

    JaynioryJaynioryPrije 7 dana
  • The only person who can make me feel happy fr

  • is it possible to b*tch slap guys thru his camera into and thru their screen? amen rebal is offically elite

    Kylie DixonKylie DixonPrije 8 dana